Gov. Scott Walker revealed a plan to help eliminate voter fraud in Wisconsin. That law became
known as the voter ID law, in which eligible citizens would need a voter ID
card to let them vote. Such IDs are easy to get a hold of, unless, of course, you do not qualify to vote, and provide a way to help poll workers discern if people are who they claim to
be. Such a law seemed like a simple way to remove those who vote illegally, like undocumented immigrants, or
those who may want to vote more than once.

What is surprising, however, is that this bill met so much resistance from the left. A question you may
have is, “Why would the left be against reducing voter fraud”? You would have to ask them. I believe voter fraud has been a problem in Wisconsin for a long time. The fact that a serious fix to
this problem is being stalled by activist judges is only cause for more suspicion.

The activity of Democrats against Gov. Walker paints a rather sinister picture. It would almost seem as if every smart move the governor is trying to make is prevented by the left, with the only apparent reason being that they do not want him to do something successful in the state. They are afraid of the progress he is making and afraid of how wrong they will look should these – correct – plans proceed. Why would anyone want to prevent a stop to voter fraud?

This was also seen in the trouble the left gave to the
mine in northern Wisconsin
, despite being declared a safe business venture and environmentally sound. Liberals are even going so far as to destroy union
jobs that the mine would’ve created, as reported by The American Thinker. One of the Democratic senators who voted against the
mine even has mining equipment factory in his district! 

The left will go to any end just
to spite Walker, that much is apparent. Evidence to this fact is seen in the letter to the Milwaukee
Teachers’ Education Association from union bosses with the direct quote of: “Allowing Governor
Walker to make such a claim (a victory of his policy) just before the election will prove
detrimental to recalling him,” as reported by The Wisconsin Reporter.

I am suspicious of activist judges, especially when such rulings are for a
political reason. Two judges so far have decided to stall the perfectly legal bill to require voter IDs. Is it
to keep voter fraud around? Or is it another spiteful jab from the haters on the left? Such judges are
expected to be immune from the pull of politics, but apparently activism is too sweet a power to ignore.
Such power is corrupting. Such activism has no right to be in the state and only
serves to increase suspicions as to the political machinations at work behind the scenes.

It’s wrong to stop a voter fraud prevention bill and even more wrong for
the left to spite Walker just to keep him from having more legislative feats. If I see a Democratic governor in the future open the same mine, I won’t be surprised. He or she may even be given a Nobel
Peace Prize and have their pictures placed in every room so as to remind us that Big Brother is watching.
This is all due to Walker wearing the wrong colored jersey. Even the supposedly neutral judges are
wrongly weighing in, especially at such a late time. Where were these ‘judges’ in January when this bill
hit the spotlight? Did the puppet masters decide that now was the correct time to allow voter fraud?

Vincent Borkowski ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in neurobiology.