The Spring Primary is being held tomorrow, and it marks the first election in which the new voter ID law takes effect. For most of this newspaper’s readers, it is a primary between Roger Allen, Ellen Berz and Francis Sullivan for Dane County Circuit Court Judge in which the top two vote getters advance to the Spring Election.  

Before you vote, be sure to visit and do a voter search. The search tells you if you are registered at your current address, dictates your polling location and provides a sample ballot of the soonest election. If you are not registered at your current address, same day registration is possible with proof of residency. Additionally, you need to bring an acceptable form of ID to vote in Wisconsin. These include a Wisconsin driver’s license, passport, military ID or UW-Madison student voting ID (which can be attained at Union South Wiscard office free of charge). For more specific detail on acceptable proofs of residence and IDs, visit any of the resources listed below.

The Madison Student Vote Coalition is a student organization devoted to educating and registering potential voters here on campus. Although changes in voting law have made it more difficult for students to vote, participation is still relatively easy and is more important than ever. Follow us on Twitter (@MadStudentsVote) and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to receive important updates on upcoming elections and any further changes in voting law. Also, be sure to check out or follow the ‘Vote’ link on the homepage for more specific details on voting logistics.

Madison Student Vote Coalition