Despite hatred and intolerance from the lefties, Gov. Scott Walker’s ideas for a better Wisconsin are working. There can be no more arguing (unless of course the left decides to ignore facts and chooses to continue living in their ignorant world). Many, many jobs have come to our fair state since Walker’s inauguration. Now yet another company is adding its name to the list: The company Spectrum has decided to stay in Wisconsin.

Spectrum, a huge company, is the manufacturer of such brands as Remington and Rayovac. For those on the left who are unaware of the beauty of non-government-owned businesses, allow me to point out that a large company with successful business practices (and no huge taxes from the government) means that more jobs are created along with more money available in the economy as the business expands. This fact seems to be lost on the doubters, who still claim that Walker is “killing Wisconsin.” Before the left gets their panties all in a bundle, let me make things crystal clear: Businesses staying in Wisconsin and hiring more people equals jobs for citizens and a better economy.

The state offered a bonus to Spectrum (a smart move, and one that has been done in the past to keep business in the state and lucrative) and now Spectrum has announced that 60 new people will be hired. Hundreds more jobs will be kept because they have remained in Wisconsin. Liberals must be anti-jobs; they must be if they are protesting the governor who has created so many jobs and kept hundreds more. The liberals must be anti-working class also. Maybe that’s the grand plan of this whole recall thing. The left is just looking to create a state of leeches and parasites on their way towards destroying Wisconsin and establishing a welfare state.

And it’s not only Spectrum. Generac, Ruud Lighting and Modine Manufacturing Company have added numerous jobs since our governor’s inauguration. Businesses do not add new jobs unless they are confident in the state economy they are a part of. This is how a government is supposed to work. If you want economic growth and the unemployment rate to drop, you help businesses create new jobs in your state. Opposing the governor at this point would be opposing the creation of new jobs.

One can’t help but think that had the governor been on the other side, he’d be praised ceaselessly by the liberal media. I can just see the headlines now. Every job that he created would be tattooed on the hearts of the American public. Had Walker been wearing a blue jersey instead of a red one, he’d be St. Scott by now. Instead, the liberal media ignores these reports that Walker is creating jobs, while instead it spoon-feeds the gullible public their daily serving of propaganda.

Walker’s plans are working. New jobs have been created, the economy of Wisconsin has been saved and his opponents are nothing but jealous. They may complain that they have to chip in more money for their pensions, but the huge debt our state is in means the state can’t pamper us anymore, and the money needs to come from somewhere. Collective bargaining rights may be an issue for some (e.g. the people who make loads of money off them), but it seems a small price to pay for the deliverance of our economy. The national economy is still in the crapper (thanks to our spend-happy president) and yet as a state we’re able to anticipate a surplus for next year’s budget. I can only hope Walker’s next year is as successful as this one. There are no scandals to tarnish his name (look at Obama’s Solyndra scandal and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s dumping of millions of pounds of sewage into Lake Michigan if you want to see some political figures who could use a recall). I can only hope that the puppets of the left throw off the chains of oppression their elitist masters have placed on them and see the truth: Walker is correct.

Vince Borkowski ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in neurobiology.