I was recently walking on campus this past Thursday when I was approached by a person decked out in pro-Democrat buttons with a clipboard. Rather rudely with no “excuse me” or anything, he demanded I sign the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and I asked him why he was doing this. 

The recaller responded that Walker was destroying Wisconsin families. I asked him to specify because that statement is rather broad and also incorrect. He said that Walker is destroying unions. I told him that the unions are still around. I then informed this recaller that the state economy has been fixed because of Walker, more money has been made available for education and the state of Wisconsin has been saved from financial collapse. 

I then asked him why he would want to recall someone who has saved our state. He responded, “You’re stupid.” I decided to leave, but not before asking him why it was the left wing was supposedly the “Party of Tolerance” with members like that (he didn’t get it).

I learned two things from this encounter. First, I learned to never again waste my good humor on Democrats. Second, the workers they have seem to be ignorant beyond belief judging by this sampling of them I was exposed to. If the reason they’re going to give is just propaganda, then the Walker recall should flounder easily.

After taking a closer look at where the money is coming from to fund the recall efforts, we see that a lot, if not most, is coming from outside the state. That’s odd. Other states seem to have some sort of investment in Wisconsin. The ability to trace the paper trail ends with the Political Action Committee, some of which can be traced to very wealthy fat cats. It looks like the 1 percent are funding the recall Walker efforts, but for what reasons? Investments with unions? Democratic Party affiliations? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is Democrats have been destroying campaign regulation legislation for as long as I’ve been metabolizing glucose.

Because the Wall Street protesters are against the wealthy 1 percent, and because some members of that 1 percent have liberal tendencies and are trying to recall Walker, part of the Wall Street protesters must support Walker, if that logic follows. Therefore it seems that most of Wisconsin supports Walker and rich people from outside the state are funding the recall.

Thankfully there is an opposing force to the recall named Recall the Recall. They’re a group of level-headed professionals who are looking to end the ridiculousness that is the recall Walker “movement.” I use the word movement loosely because that would imply that things are being changed. Recall the Recall recently had a peaceful meeting that was almost interrupted by liberals. The right to meet peacefully is protected under the First Amendment, which these protesters rudely seem to have ignored.

The Walker recall “movement” isn’t looking too good right now. Rude members, most of the state against them, and the puppet strings are being pulled by an out-of-state group or groups. I’d be worried if I were in the recall camp right now. If the liberal media were fair, they’d have revealed the fact that fat cat corporations are sticking their filthy fingers in our state on the side of the left wing. As it is, it is common citizens that are left being harassed while the whole state just waits for the recall effort to fail so we can get on with making Wisconsin better.

Vincent Borkowski ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in neurobiology.