Dear Editor:

Scott Walker has been neglecting to take responsibility for any of his actions since the beginning, so neglecting to acknowledge that this recall is about him is no surprise to me.

I recently saw a commercial in which Walker fights against this recall by saying that the best days in Wisconsin are yet to come. I agree. Yes they are, but only after Walker is recalled. It seems that even during his campaign Walker had alternate motives and plans that he did not care to exemplify.

Repair the budget? More like destroy unions, education and health care. Not everybody agrees with unions, of course, but they are important to many of the hard workers in this state. Furthermore, since Walker has been in office the unemployment rate has increased, even though he promised that this budget repair would create jobs.

I’m glad to see the people of Wisconsin come together and stand for what they believe in by commencing this recall movement.

I can’t speak for everybody else, but by making my previous comments I am not calling Scott Walker a bad person, he’s just more like a person who makes bad decisions.

Jasmine Harris ([email protected]) majors in community and nonprofit leadership.