Lawrence O’Donnell, in a recent interview on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” made several disturbing remarks toward Herman Cain, a Republican presidential nomination hopeful and an African American. Cain was invited to be interviewed by O’Donnell in regard to his new autobiography, “This is Herman Cain!” This interview represented nothing more than an attempted trashing of a popular right-wing politician by the demons of the liberal media.

O’Donnell quoted a part of the book in which Cain said his father told him not to argue with the white bus driver and to “just sit in the back.” O’Donnell then asked what would have happened to the civil rights movement had Rosa Parks followed that advice. Cain said he was in high school at the time and did not feel he could take part in the sit-ins and other civil rights movement activities. Cain went on to state Parks was an adult, while he himself, being 16 years old, was limited by the amount of activities he could take part in (which is true – he could have been taken out of school or put in a juvenile detention facility). O’Donnell (himself a white American) then made comments accusing Cain of sitting idly by as those fighting for civil rights were beaten and killed.

O’Donnell was downright insulting if not completely racist toward Cain. O’Donnell implied that any and every African American alive at that time had to be actively involved in every sit-in and every freedom ride, and if they didn’t, they are lazy and only reaping the benefits won by every other brave protester. This is where O’Donnell’s logic is ludicrous. Many African Americans could not partake in the movement due to the society they lived in, jobs they held and other responsibilities. And many of those who could not directly attend events helped the movement in more subtle ways, which is the case for Cain.

Cain grew up in Atlanta and had a difficult socio-economic position, yet O’Donnell accused him of not really knowing what the struggles of the movement were. This coming from a son of a wealthy lawyer and wealthy white man who had his seat in an Ivy League college paid for by his father?

O’Donnell further insulted Cain by misinterpreting political statements Cain has made during his campaign. Of the many issues that Cain has spoken on, O’Donnell chose to focus on the statements Cain made about the Democratic Party’s control over African American voters. Cain stated that most African Americans had been brainwashed by the Democrats to believe that the Democratic Party is the only way they can vote. O’Donnell chose to interpret it as saying all African Americans are simply brainwashed, a very insulting and generalizing comment Cain just would not make about his own race. O’Donnell misrepresented the fact that Cain wanted African Americans to know that the Republican Party, not just the Democratic Party, supports rights for African Americans. Cain wanted to inform members of his own race that they have a choice in the matter.

How far is the liberal media going to stoop to protect their own interests? O’Donnell himself is an outspoken socialist (yup, socialist) and has clearly played to his bias. MSNBC has not yet fired O’Donnell for his insulting remarks, most likely because they support any and all efforts to attack conservatives. O’Donnell is apparently an expert in growing up African American in the civil rights movement-era south (spoiler: O’Donnell grew up in Boston with many silver spoons in his mouth). O’Donnell could have focused on more pertinent issues and created a real debate as opposed to mocking Cain’s desegregation experiences.

O’Donnell has since defended his remarks and has called on African Americans to back him up. Many have come to Cain’s defense, calling this a left-wing attempt at a “high-tech lynching.”

It is unacceptable to question an African American’s involvement during the civil rights movement in an attempt to trash a political rival. Herman Cain is fighting for the rights and freedoms of every American, regardless of race or any other characteristic. This attack by the left-wing media is unforgivable and is just one example of many in which the liberal media has gone way, way too far.

How much more of this must we suffer so that the liberal media can brainwash us to vote for their candidates and their candidates only?

Vincent Borkowski ([email protected]) a junior majoring in neurobiology.