We remember our first Now That’s What I Call Music! album. Backstreet Boys, Hanson and Spice Girls: It was all there. Now 2 and 3 are hazier, and we are not quite sure what happened with Now 4. All we know is we were horrified to find out Now 38 debuted this week.

It has been a similar feeling each time we found out Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group and Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow appealed for another hearing before Student Services Finance Committee or Student Judiciary. The two student groups have been in an endless cycle since SSFC denied them funding last semester, so it’s high time we put it out there: In the words of Josh Hartnett in Lucky Number Sleven, fuck you both.

CFACT lost funding, for the third year in a row, after failing to return Associated Students of Madison equipment on time. They were given a five-month window and warned if the items, which included computers, printers and video cameras, were not returned promptly, they would be in violation of ASM bylaws.

Intentional or not, the supplies were not returned in a timely fashion, proving that, like teen pop, McCarthyism does not improve with age.

Things got a bit stupider with WISPIRG, the case reaching its tentacles into many of the most enigmatic portions of SSFC bylaws. But it soon became clear the majority of WISPIRG’s benefits did not go toward students, and the former contract-status darling was struck down, only to rise again.

As messy as ASM bylaws are and as much as we hate to agree with SSFC, the bullshit needs to end. Everyone else moved on ages ago, CFACT and WISPIRG, and it is time you did too. Maybe then we will be able to listen to Lenny Kravitz in peace.