The Worst People On Campus.” What an exaggerated and inaccurate statement. You cannot say someone is not a “true Badger” because they upped the prices of their tickets. For all we know, that profit could be going toward their mother’s chemotherapy bills. Is it still unfair for those people to ruin a “once in a lifetime” experience for another Badger?

I argue that the Ohio State game this October was more of a “once in a lifetime experience” than this Rose Bowl game will be. Hundreds of students sold their tickets for far more than face value. Why didn’t anyone complain then? What about the non-student ticket holders who got tickets? Some Pasadena-goers have not attended one single football game this whole year. Are they “true Badgers”?

The vast majority of Wisconsin students would go to the Rose Bowl if they could. The reality is that many college students must support themselves financially, and to even be able to attend this university is an economic hardship. The Badger Herald should not have stated the names of those who want to sell their Rose Bowl tickets above face value. You don’t know what that profit would go to. I know that if I sold my tickets for a profit, that profit would be going straight to paying off my student loans so I could have the luxury of staying at this school and being a part of this awesome Badger community.

What if you scored tickets to a sold-out show on Broadway but couldn’t afford the plane ticket and upscale hotels in New York? Would you think twice about selling those tickets to a wealthy couple if they offered you more than face value? We have to examine this from all sides, but the bottom line is that the Herald should not have printed those names.

Yes, scalping tickets is illegal and unfair to those who want to pay face value for them. Also illegal is underage drinking, jaywalking, speeding and smoking weed. Also unfair is budging in line to see Obama and holding classes for your friend so others can’t register for a class. I’d love to see a list of those who’ve cheated on exams and skewed the curve for the rest of us. All of these acts are daily practices of your fellow “Badgers,” and possibly offenses of the author as well.

I hope the Herald realizes the gravity of its decision to post names of “the worst people on campus.” I also hope those who sold their tickets above face value had a really good reason to. Lastly, I hope no potential employer does a cursory search for the names of those listed in the Herald’s article. A name paired with “worst person on campus” doesn’t give them much of a chance.

That being said, I wish the football team nothing but success in Pasadena, and I hope those who are lucky enough to go have a safe and fun trip. I’ll be cheering hard from my living room.

On Wisconsin!

Katherine Vosters ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in communication arts and intending to major in journalism