Chair Matt Manes introduces SSFC

To All Interested Parties,

The Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) is the all-student body
charged with overseeing the allocation of nearly $40 million in your
segregated fees. Of this, approximately $2 million is made available to
Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) in the form of Operations and
Event and Travel Grants, as well as General Student Services Fund (GSSF)
funding. Over the past few years, numerous concerns regarding how this
money is allocated have been raised by the students of this campus, and
we have heard your voice. To this end, we are now looking at a
comprehensive overhaul of the system to reflect these wishes and

At 6:30 p.m. tonight, Oct. 11, in the Hearing Room on the 4th floor
of the Student Activities Center and continuing on Thursday, Oct. 14,
the SSFC will be hearing and answering questions as we present the SSFC
Strategic Plan, which will serve to guide the reorganization of the
policies and practices concerning the funding of RSOs on this campus. We
invite you to join us in this discussion, as the feedback we hope to
receive will be used to construct the new systems we put in place and is
necessary to ensure these proposals accurately reflect the general
student interest.


Matthew Manes

Chair, Student Services Finance Committee