CLARIFICATION: This letter to the editor from Dane County
Supervisor Analiese Eicher and Madison Ald. Bryon Eagon should have noted that
Eicher works for Diane Hesselbein’s campaign and Eagon works for Henry Sanders’
campaign. We sincerely regret this lack of transparency.

Every few years, students at the University of Wisconsin have an opportunity to be the deciding factor in local, state and national elections for public office. UW has long been a hotbed of political involvement, and history reveals the dramatic difference we, as young people, generate when engaged in critical public issues and political campaigns. This year is no exception. Upcoming elections in November for Governor, House and Senate will surely shape our state and nation for decades to come. But UW students have an opportunity to flex their collective political muscles before November by voting in state primary elections this Tuesday, September 14th.

Without a competitive primary for the Democratic nomination for Governor, analysts are predicting a lower than normal turnout. This means UW students have an added potential to be the deciding vote on down-ballot races. Two primary elections on Tuesday that will significantly impact students are the nominations for Lieutenant Governor and the 77th State Assembly district. All students, regardless of whether they have voted on campus before, can and should vote here in Madison. Wisconsin allows same-day voter registration, which is great for new students as well as those that have moved since the last election.

In the race for Lt. Governor, we feel Henry Sanders stands above and beyond his fellow Democratic primary contenders. Sanders is a Madison-area small business owner whose work has led to the infusion of millions of dollars in capital for area biotech companies, helping to create local jobs and expanding valuable research. Sanders also founded MAGNET and Propel Wisconsin Innovation – non-profits dedicated to job creation through attracting and retaining young professionals in Wisconsin.

What’s even more impressive than Henry’s resume are his detailed plans and priorities for growing Wisconsin’s economy. From prioritizing green technologies to supporting marriage equality to investing in education and the UW, Sanders is the only candidate who has done the homework necessary to hit the ground running. More than any other candidate, Sanders has engaged and listened to young people because he knows our generation will soon serve as the state’s leaders in business, government, health and education. An energetic and progressive leader, students would be well served by a Lt. Governor Sanders because a Lt. Governor Sanders would serve students well.

Right here in the heart of campus, a heated race for the State Assembly has produced a crowded yet able field of candidates to replace retiring Rep. Spencer Black. Although there are multiple qualified candidates, Dane County Supervisor Dianne Hesselbein deserves the support of students.

Hesselbein is a former school board member and has the right priorities in reforming Wisconsin’s education system. From pre-K to K-12 to the UW system, she is passionate about the value and benefits of investing in quality and affordable education. Hesselbein is also dedicated to following Black’s leadership with preserving and protecting Wisconsin’s precious natural resources and environment. In addition to education and the environment, Hesselbein is committed to repealing the discriminatory ban on same-sex marriage and understands how all of these issues are interrelated to job creation and a strong economy.

No other group has near the potential that students have to decide the outcome of these important

elections. Voting takes just minutes, but the results of the vote can impact the state for years. Plus, if you vote Tuesday you won’t have to re-register when you go vote for Tom Barrett, Tammy Baldwin and Russ Feingold in November.

Bryon Eagon is a senior majoring in political science and communication arts and serves as the 8th District Alderperson on the City of Madison Common Council.

Analiese Eicher is a senior majoring in political science and serves as the 5th District Supervisor on the Dane County Board of Supervisors.