At a time when our politics have become increasingly cynical, I would like to think that newspapers would not partake in the brawl, but the article that ran on Sept. 8 titled ‘Roundup for 77th District Democrats’ leads me to think otherwise. Although John Imes was mentioned as a candidate running for Spencer Black’s seat, I do not think he was given the due respect that the other candidates received. Not only am I counting on John Imes, I am confidant he will help the 77th District move past the tired, same old, “can’t do” politics with real leadership and win-win solutions.

As an executive for Quad/Graphics, John worked to find solutions that balanced the bottom line with a vision of environmental stewardship, helping position Quad as the industry leader. As a co-founder, board chair and Executive Director for Wisconsin Environmental Initiative, John also worked on state-wide policy and created and managed award-winning programs that demonstrate economic and environmental results. Putting his experience into practice, John also co-owns The Arbor House with his wife Cathie. The Arbor House is a successful Environmental Inn, proving that John is committed to the local community and the global environment.

In the Assembly, John will continue his efforts to strengthen and expand the number of high-quality jobs throughout the state, while at the same time preserving the quality of life that makes Wisconsin unique. John believes that Wisconsin is well positioned for success in a high-end, high-wage economy. He understands that we have the research and development capabilities of the UW System. John is also confident that the superior work ethic and immense amount of passion displayed by the students on the UW-Madison campus are sure to attract high quality jobs for these high quality individuals.

John Imes is not a career politician. He has declined special interest contributions to his campaign and is not beholden to an entrenched political establishment. John is the only candidate in the 77th District who provides the real promise of new leadership and a fresh voice that can bring diverse interests together to actually accomplish something for the people of Wisconsin.

He talks the talk and walks the walk; who wouldn’t endorse him? He is getting my vote on Sept. 14. I encourage you to become familiar with all the candidates on by watching the video entitled “Click on image for video of Know Your Candidate – 77th Assembly District, League of Women Voters.”

Get to know your candidates, and vote on Sept. 14.

Ryan Berns ([email protected]) at UW-Madison.