I completely understand our Editorial Board’s decision to endorse a candidate in today’s state Supreme Court election. The people of the state of Wisconsin are entrusted with the ability to make sound judgments about who should sit on the state’s highest court — that’s the way it is.

But I disagree with the system, and that’s my reasoning for not supporting either Shirley Abrahamson or Randy Koschnick. I didn’t vote for Louis Butler or Michael Gableman last year, and I intend on passing over the race when I fill out my ballot again this year. Call me irresponsible, but I simply don’t believe it’s right.

I have come to accept the fact money drives both state and federal elections for executive and legislative races. It is for that reason that, to me, the judicial branch of our government should be held to the highest of standards and should be composed of individuals selected by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

The influence of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce essentially decided last year’s Supreme Court election. The millions of dollars poured into Gableman’s campaign were enough to put him over the top. Money and smear campaigns determined the newest member of the state’s most important judicial body. And this year, with Abrahamson at such an enormous financial advantage, she will most certainly win today. Regardless of a candidate’s qualifications or beliefs, the system is clearly flawed.

I refuse to go along with such a terrible method of selecting justices. They do it right at the federal level, and it’s time we do it right here in Wisconsin.