This is a tale of enduring passion and undying love. It is as true as the sky is blue; it is as self-indulged as the weekly columns of its authors:

Once upon a time there were two would-be editors. They first met on a delivery run as Ed’s Express employees — the one involved in a puerile love-triangle with the City Council president and his callow protege, the other a wild-eyed idealist who believed a functional student government was not only possible but also plausible. Although they knew it not at the time, destiny would soon reunite them only two short years later as opinion editors of The Badger Herald.

As their relationship grew closer and closer throughout the year, the purest of love began to grow and flourish between them. As they edited the columns of their writers, they often peered at each other with longing eyes over the tops of their computers, thinking nothing of the grammatical or conceptual errors in the articles they were hired to edit.

Two like souls soon became one soul living in two separate bodies. Their personalities were all but the same, their opinions in the editorial board complementing one another like a cool breeze complements a spring day. It soon became as if the thoughts of one were manifested in the words of the other. Love had never been so at home. The year continued as such without a foul word ever spoken, much less conceived.

And today, while one chapter of this epic tale ends, yet another one begins as Andy Granias and Jason Smathers board their ivory steed and ride into the sunset, bidding the campus discourse farewell (at least for the summer).

Before we jump the broom, however, some gratitude is owed. First and foremost, to our writers, who have provided the campus community with insightful, well-researched opinions on topics ranging from water runoff to Iraqi insurgents. Their hard work and dedication have made this year a success by all accounts.

Secondly, to our loyal readers — from Germaine E. Stemme to Germaine Q. Stemme to Jane Doe in 11 a.m. lecture — whose feedback has provided due criticism and much-needed humor. Fear not, we are leaving you in good hands as Sam Clegg and Jack Craver will be taking over in the fall.

Finally, to our fellow staffers at the Herald — both past and present — who have made this year everything we could have hoped for and more.

As for us, Jason will be taking over as managing editor next year and Andy will most likely be eating pad thai out of a clay bowl in a Southeast Asian jungle for the fall semester. It has truly been a pleasure managing and reflecting upon the opinions of the campus community this year. Cheers!