In response to the Feb. 1 article "Abortion Activist Recounts her Tale":

I'd ask to think for a moment what it would be like to hear your mother saying, about you, "I'm thankful that he/she is alive and well, but each and every day I'm reminded of the fact that he/she exists." Most of us are used to being loved by our mothers — we expect and value them. Not so for this girl — her mother has spent over forty years wishing that she … didn't exist. Do pro-abortionists really want to hold this woman up as an advocate for their cause?

I would recommend a visit to postabortion/ postabortiontestimonywomen.htm for a better look at women's experiences with abortion. The site is dedicated to increasing awareness about the harm abortion does to women, primarily through testimonies from women who had safe, legal abortions and were horribly injured emotionally, mentally, and even physically. One notable aspect of the account in your article is that the woman in question has never actually experienced abortion — she only wished to get rid of a nuisance, and failed in her efforts to do so.

I would ask you and all your readers to consider whether this woman's selfishness is something to be embraced.

Sean T. M. Stiennon
UW Freshman