Flags are waving, the grass is growing green and Madison citizens stand poised to exercise their franchise. Polls open today in a spring election marked by a number of issues on the ballot. Some of them, certainly, are more relevant than others. Nevertheless, we urge you to do your respective wards proud and weigh in on the topics of the day. Do your civic duty as a student citizen if for no other reason than to have a legitimate right to complain later. Get out and vote.

We have made our stances known on the issues that matter. We stand behind David Lapidus in the race to represent the student-heavy District 5 on the Dane County Board. We urge a "no" vote on the war referendum in light of its unfortunate wording, although we continue to wonder what impact its passage could possibly have on global affairs. While we recognize each individual enters the voting booth with his or her own perspectives, we hope our analysis of the salient issues will provide a modicum of guidance to the informed citizen.

Other ballot matters call for your input as well. Take your pick in the local school board race. Let your voice be heard in the elections of Dane County Judge John Albert and Supreme Court Justice Patrick Crooks, who are both running unopposed.

Finally, as Abraham Lincoln eloquently noted, "Ballots are the rightful, and peaceful, successors of bullets." As much as we might enjoy the prospect of candidates Lapidus and Kumar walking bow-legged down State Street, sagebrush rolling by, spurs jangling in anticipation, we concur with Mr. Lincoln. Recognize the sacred privilege you enjoy. Go vote. The apathy that typifies most local elections magnifies your influence.