As the post-spring break chatter of drunken hook-ups, worm-chased tequila shots and bead-grabbing shenanigans works its way through campus, we've been privileged to hear many a rumor over the past several days. However, one particularly far-fetched token of humbuggery has caused us to do a double take.

A little birdie in a tree has shared with us its firm belief that the Associated Students of Madison may well be holding an election in the near future.

Our avian friend went on to say that the forthcoming election may address the selection of delegates to our student government as well as a couple of spending initiatives, one of which comes with a hefty price tag.

Of course, we are inclined to dismiss all of this as pure rumor because, as citizens of the University of Wisconsin campus, we know that our fine leaders in ASM would surely do a better job keeping us apprised of such a landmark balloting date. And with nary a sign to be found on campus, the sidewalks barrenly begging for chalk and even the student government's homepage not containing a single reference to this impending milestone of campus democracy, such tales of a vitally important election being on the horizon must be just that.

After all, how could a major initiative asking students to foot the bill for a long term construction project and another referendum dealing with campus labor practices be on the eve of public scrutiny to such little fanfare?

Sadly, though, our sources do seem too reliable to dismiss. There will be an election — with some very serious matters at stake — from March 28-30 and it is something students need to know about. In the forthcoming days, we will do our best to share the pertinent information with all of you. But for now, we are simply amazed that ASM — apparently still recovering from spring break debauchery — has failed so miserably to promote this landmark event on its own.