It's no surprise that we see articles upon articles detailing the pervasive corruption in Wisconsin state politics. Ryan Masse had it dead on in his opinion editorial "Doyle fails to live up to ethics vow" (Jan. 26), detailing the tremendous hypocrisy and lack of integrity at the statehouse. According to a recent Wisconsin Policy Research Institute survey, a shockingly low 6 percent of Wisconsinites feel that the state government represents their interests. Unfortunately, both Mark Green and Doyle are pushing half-loaf proposals; neither is advocating for true campaign-finance reform.

We need change now! That's why we are fighting for Senate Bill 1, which will create an independent government accountability board with the teeth to investigate and enforce campaign and ethics laws. It is a step in the right direction, but what Wisconsin really needs is for all our candidates for governor to support further reforms. Students can make this happen. Join us at the WISPIRG kickoff meeting tonight. With 94 percent of Wisconsin behind us, we have the power to sweep out corruption and clean up Wisconsin's politics.

Campaign for Corruption-Free Elections
WISPIRG Student Chapter