The newly implemented Enhanced Moped Parking Zone has caused quite a nuisance for scores of moped drivers this fall. Since the policy took effect this semester, moped drivers can only park in individually marked moped parking areas on campus. The ordinance does not apply to university residence halls.

Mopeds are noticeably the primary mode of transportation for many UW students. According to UW Transportation, there were approximately 1,000 moped drivers on campus last year, and it was estimated that about 600 mopeds were parked on campus at any one time. Surveying is currently underway and new figures should be available soon.

In light of the escalating number of scooters on campus, the university has been gradually increasing moped parking spaces on university grounds. Currently, UW Transportation Services has designated about 25 moped parking areas around campus with about 700 moped spaces.

Though the university has been trying to accommodate the growing number of mopeds on campus, many students are still frustrated with the limited amount of moped parking. And the $40 parking tickets are adding up. In a three-week period beginning Sept. 19, 113 citations and 224 warnings were issued.

Many students have voiced their frustration over the new parking regulations to the Office of the Dean of Students, and some have even brought their citations to the office.

Because of the apparent problems such a policy has created, we ask the university to consider using non-traditional area to create additional moped parking spaces within a reasonable distance to heavily used classroom buildings on campus.

We also encourage Transportation Services to not ticket mopeds parked in non-obstructing areas near these heavily used buildings. Finally, students need to respect the intent of the new parking regulations and not park their scooter in a manner that would obstruct the flow of traffic into or around buildings or sidewalks.

Additionally, we call on ASM to exercise its shared governance prerogative and get involved in the moped-parking problem. Berquam has recommended that ASM take an active role in the moped issue, and we urge them to do so.