Tammy Baldwin was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly as a representative for the 78th district in 1992. For six years in the Assembly, she served as the representative for the University of Wisconsin. UW student issues have been of great significance to Baldwin from the beginning of her political career, and, while her position and constituency have changed, student issues remain crucial to her.

In her bid for a fourth term in Congress, Baldwin faces radio station owner Dave Magnum — a moderate conservative who crosses the party line on a variety of issues, including stem-cell research and healthcare reform. His compassionate nature and small business emphasis have largely been overshadowed by an unorganized campaign that has put more emphasis on Baldwin’s campaign finances than anything of substance, particularly for students.

Baldwin has distanced herself from Magnum greatly in the issues of higher education. Ever connected and concerned with the ways and means of UW, Baldwin is a proponent of increasing federal financial aid in the form of grant programs to make college affordable for all. Baldwin sees the great importance of keeping research and development at UW well funded and on the cusp. Moreover, the Congresswoman is seeking efforts to keep the products of UW research in the community as means to create new jobs that can compete with other metropolitan areas in the Midwest.

Baldwin knows what is happening at UW and takes an active interest in making sure matters of great relevance will continue on this campus. Baldwin will continue to bring the issues of higher education to the Hill, and while the current political climate might deter such legislation, Baldwin will be a voice to express the problems that plague higher education in America and is committed to remedying them.

We endorse Tammy Baldwin for re-election in Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District.

Mac VerStandig did not participate in the crafting of this editorial.