If someone paid you $35, would you vote in this week’s ASM elections?

Thirty-five bucks is approximately how much it cost apathetic students in last year’s elections. After only 11 percent of students voted (a record!), ASM passed record increases in seg fees, nearly doubling the allocable seg fee budget.

These outrageous increases have certainly helped change the debate about student government. This year nearly every candidate has expressed an interest in stopping future seg-fee increases, although we certainly do not believe current members who passed this year’s budget — students should not, either.

Instead, we encourage UW students to change more than the debate — change student council. All incumbents — and thus, much of the REACH slate — should be looked at with a wary eye. New blood and a true commitment to fiscal responsibility are the keys to next year’s student council.

Check out candidate statements at www.asm.wisc.edu and vote today through Thursday.