What is it about District 5 and dishonest politicians?

Last spring brought the saga of Jessy Tolkan, who promised to represent the interests of District 5 residents on City Council. Unfortunately, it was pretty difficult to be in tune with those concerns, considering she did not even live in District 5.

After spending weeks insisting she was innocent, Tolkan finally resigned, leaving the poor students of District 5 unrepresented on City Council. To fill the space, City Council appointed County Supervisor Tom Powell to the vacant space.

The one condition placed on Powell’s appointment was that he not run for reelection. The City Council did not want an unelected alderman running for office as an incumbent. Powell of course agreed, promising not to run for reelection.

But Powell, like Tolkan before him, lied. He now says he will run, complaining that the county redistricting will deny him his supervisor seat.

Students already had reason to be wary of Powell, considering he was a non-student representing a predominantly student district. Now they must contend with a dishonest politician running for reelection with an unfair advantage.