UW-Madison Campus

Professor describes the science behind science communication

Knowing audience, appealing to values are the most important elements of science communication, professor says

UW-Madison Campus

Amidst ongoing tensions with university, UWPD removes graduate students from Bascom Hall

TAA attempted to express demands over mandatory fees, wages, inclusion in policy-making

UW-Madison Campus

‘Take Back the Night’ marchers protest sexual violence on, off campus

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, NOW organizers discuss the importance of protesting rape culture on campus

UW-Madison Campus

Eating insects has sustainability, health benefits, but faces economic challenges, expert says

Insects are a protein-rich, environmentally-friendly alternative to meat products

UW-Madison Campus

Author of prison research book discusses difficulties of life as an ex-convict

Median income for ex-cons one year after release is $6,000 — half the federal poverty line

UW-Madison Campus

New findings provide insight on earnings reports of various UW degrees

One of only a handful of schools to do so, the project looked at the median earnings of graduates

City of Madison

Madison police hope to reduce alcohol-related crimes downtown by expanding no new-entry rule

In nine additional bars, no new customers will be allowed in after 1:30 a.m. Friday, Saturday nights, proposal suggests

UW-Madison Campus

ASM representatives elect leadership positions for 26th session

Laura Downer elected ASM chair

UW-Madison Campus

Rape survivor advocates for campus carry, encourages healing process for fellow survivors

Amanda Collins Johnson explains her beliefs on campus carry following personal experiences

State of Wisconsin

UW unionized trades employees seek wage increase

While some UW employees receive wage increase, trades employees are experiencing delays