UW-Madison Campus

Campus leaders advocate for out-of-state student voting rights

Current voting ID laws prevent out-of-state students from registering online, which may suppress student voting

City of Madison

Dane County hires first director of new Office of Energy and Climate Change

Keith Reopelle hopes to become state, nationwide leader in mitigating effects of climate change

City of Madison

Staffing crisis forces MPD to cut school safety programs

Programs provided students with basic information on drugs, bullying, internet safety, self-esteem, protective behaviors

UW-Madison Campus

UW Law School provides assistance to DACA recipients

Immigrant Justice Clinic volunteered time to help community members meet Oct. 5 renewal deadline

UW-Madison Campus

Katie Pavlich discusses campus carry amid colorful protests

The contentious speaker was met with students wielding dildos, shouting 'cocks not glocks'

UW-Madison Campus

Arrest made in connection with assault, attempted abduction of UW student

Suspect has no UW affiliation

City of Madison

Expedia CruiseShipCenters opens new office in Madison

UW economics professor said new businesses aid Madison's economy

City of Madison

‘TASC is not up to task’: Madison finance committee reevaluates healthcare service contract

Committee considers appeal from TASC, ultimately selects CYC as new provider

UW-Madison Campus

Professors discuss political, social, public health implications of 2017 Go Big Read Book

UW political science professor said the book provides insight into rural motivations for voting for President Donald Trump

State of Wisconsin

State Rep. introduces ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ legislation, looks to honor Native Americans

Columbus Day would be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day under new legislation