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bascom hall night abe
UW-Madison Campus

UW’s backlog of facility repairs totals nearly $750 million

Entire UW System needs $2 billion to complete repairs that have been delayed due to state budget cuts

democratic debate
UW-Madison Campus

Panel explores power, gender in politics before presidential election

Experts said different perceptions of men, women can have adverse impacts on female candidates

State of Wisconsin

Negative clown portrayals in the media shift public perception from amusing to fear inducing

Creepy sightings of clowns across the country spark hysteria

vitto brown

UW basketball player Vitto Brown kicks off final-push voting campaign with song, demonstration

Voting song reaches students in a more creative way

rape crisis center
UW-Madison Campus

Sexual assault test kits can give people freedom, more control over assault

More than 500 people undergo a SANE exam annually, half are under 18

Jeffrey Patterson, owner of JP Hair Design Barbershop

Madison barbershop works to make health education more accessible for men of color

Group aims to sponsor biggest weight loss among men that Madison has ever seen

La Comunidad founders
State of Wisconsin

La Comunidad recalls victories, challenges on 25th anniversary

Publisher explains how first-language news promotes political engagement

UW-Madison Campus

Best-selling author educates public on racism in nontraditional history textbook

James Loewen said state books often omit or downplay unfaltering race events in American history

pills prescription drugs
State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin drug overdoes on the rise

In the last decade drug deaths have increased by 70 percent

NEDA walk
City of Madison

NEDA Walk in Madison highlights eating disorder prevention

Eating disorders are the most lethal of mental illnesses

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