The Student Services Finance Committee met Monday to discuss possible amendments to their constitution and bylaws.

This meeting mainly served as an open discussion following spring break to gauge interest in amending the committee’s constitution and bylaws, SSFC Chair Maxwell Laubenstein said in the meeting.

SSFC is responsible for reviewing budgets for various departments on campus and offering recommendations pertaining to student segregated fees. According to SSFC member Kevin Jacobson, accessing past proposed budgets could make it easier for representatives to make decisions.

“Getting information from the university is incredibly difficult, so having data over the years would help us make better recommendations,” Jacobson said.

Next, Jacobson brought up the discrepancy between term limits for Associated Students of Madison and the SSFC. Students can only sit on the ASM board during four academic semesters, while there is currently no limit for SSFC.

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SSFC Vice Chair Rianna Mukerjee said she thinks that experience in SSFC helps representatives learn how to effectively advocate for students.

“Historical knowledge in SSFC is really beneficial,” Mukherjee said. “It took me a while to understand the process.”

Only three of the 11 representatives expressed informal interest in considering term limits for the committee.

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Jacobson then nominated himself and was accepted as a Union Council member, a position that was previously filled by member Roshan Verma.

SSFC will be meeting again Wed, March 23.