The Student Services Finance Committee met Monday night to discuss their standing rules, policies and procedures. 

The committee discussed ways of adjusting the standing rules to avoid restating information that is already present in the current constitution and bylaws. 

SSFC advisor Katie Steigleder said the goal of adjusting the bylaw language is to make the rules clearer to the committee and student organizations that are funded by SSFC.

“It almost felt like [in] years passed, we were trying to restate some of the bylaws to make it more digestible,” Steigleder said.

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The committee discussed possible changes to the standing rules that would involve citing sections of the bylaws rather than including the entire bylaw in question. The committee decided to take some time to look over the standing rules and address them again at the next meeting. 

SSFC chair Tessa Reilly said the ASM constitution and bylaws will need to be updated to align with the current policies and procedures.

“Basically, what we found out is that these policies that we’ve been going off of don’t actually match what’s in the ASM constitution and bylaws,” Reilly said. “So we definitely have to rectify that and figure out how to get on the same page.” 

Steigleder addressed the main points of conflict between the policies and procedures section and the bylaws, mainly pertaining to the wage policy and violations. 

The committee discussed removing the current section in policies and procedures and placing a citation to the bylaws which would allow it to remain up-to-date as the bylaws and constitution change. 

Reilly said these changes will potentially go into effect starting July 1. 

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The committee also passed legislation to update a section of the bylaws that would clarify language for General Student Service Fund Groups on violations of the ASM constitution. These rules on violations dictate what GSSFs must do as groups funded by ASM.

One key change made was a word change from “advertising” to “branding” an alteration originally made by the 26th session of SSFC to adjust standards surrounding violations of ASM logo labeling guidelines.

SSFC will meet again Thursday, March 18 at 6 p.m. over Zoom.