The Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday to draft and approve their Recreation & Wellbeing Reserve Board Request.

The legislation requests the Reserve Board uses $104,400 of ASM Reserve funds for RecWell’s budget instead of increasing segregated fees for students by the 2.2% RecWell initially requested. It will be presented to the Reserve Board Friday.

SSFC Chair Tessa Reilly said SSFC members should communicate to the Reserve Board about the decision.

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“If you’re interested in speaking on behalf of it and advocating to Reserve Board members, you certainly should,” Reilly said. “It’s your legislation and it was your recommendation per our decision two weeks ago.”

The committee discussed ways to make the request more specific in an unmoderated caucus. The resulting legislation acknowledged the use of fee reserves for RecWell being a one-time disposition and how this may result in RecWell requesting a larger segregated fee increase next year.

The legislation also included the disposition will further the general student interest by maintaining the operational capacity and general hours of the Nicholas Recreational Facility.

The legislation passed unanimously.

SSFC will meet again Monday, March 8 at 6 p.m. over Zoom.