A recent cold spell has caused students on the University of Wisconsin campus to remain indoors and take extra measures to stay warm.

UW freshman Conner Bills said though the cold temperatures have not generally affected his daily activities, they have made it difficult to be social.

“If I have to do something outside I’ll suffer through it and try to dress as best I can,” Bills said. “As a freshman, COVID restrictions in the dorms have made it difficult to hang out with my friends because in the nicer weather we could usually do outdoor activities.”

UW freshman Tommy Kriewaldt also said he tries to stay mostly inside but layers up properly when venturing outside. Kriewaldt said he usually bundles up by wearing a shirt and sweatshirt underneath a heavy winter coat along with a winter hat.

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UW junior Michael Niemiec also said he has been dressing in layers to stay warm.

“I am almost always cold by nature, so staying warm has been tough,” Niemiec said. “I am trying not to leave the house that much unless I need to.”

Niemiec said he normally likes to run outside to stay active but has not been able to because it has been too cold, even with the extra layers. Going to the Nicholas Recreation Center at night to avoid crowds has been a good alternative, according to Niemiec.

UW sophomore Zoe Rozema said weighted blankets and hot tea have been her main sources of warmth.

“I love to start a kettle of hot water so I can have cups of tea throughout the afternoon,” Rozema said. “I got my weighted blanket for Christmas, and it is one of the best gifts.”

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In addition to the cold temperatures, Bills said the dry winter air has taken a toll on everyone. Unprotected skin gets dry fast, and as someone who gets nosebleeds more frequently than the average person, they have become more of an issue within the past few weeks, according to Bills.

Rozema said the recent extreme weather makes her concerned about climate change and worried future winters will be worse.

According to the Weather Channel 10 day forecast, the worst of the cold temperatures may be behind us as the weather begins to warm up slightly over the next week, but it is expected to snow again soon.

“I am excited for it to warm up and be spring soon so it’s not as miserable outside as it is now,” Kriewaldt said.