The Student Services Finance Committee approved the Adventure Learning Program’s new budget and the DREAMers of UW-Madison removed their application for funding during Monday’s meeting.

According to their website, DREAMers of UW-Madison is an organization dedicated to advocating for and supporting undocumented and DACA students who are pursuing higher education.

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SSFC Chair Tessa Reilly said DREAMers had withdrawn their application to review and prepare for next year’s GSSF eligibility hearings.

SSFC Rep. Jordan Pasbrig said DREAMers had potential to be a GSSF group in the future.

“Reading through their eligibility application, I felt like they were really close, but there were still a few missing pieces for their programming,” Pasbrig said. “But I hope that the group is not at all discouraged from applying in the future.”

Vice Chair Grace D’Souza said in an email that when ALPs first submitted their budget, they had changed the wages for several of their positions, despite there being a policy that set all the wages at $10.50.

D’Souza said that after SSFC pointed this out, ALPs proactively altered their budget and resubmitted it. D’Souza said that today’s meeting was about incorporating these changes into the ALPs general budget.

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SSFC also approved a blanket wage extension for ALPs. According to D’Souza, ALPs has historically asked for wage extensions for their employees, and that this request would make payroll more efficient.

“I think the blanket wage extension makes sense, knowing the mission of ALPs and when they are executing most of their programming,” Pasbrig said. “I think that it will help ALPs.”

According to their website, ALPs organizes adventure-based team building workshops to help foster a strong sense of community among all members of the UW area, with a special focus on recognizing diversity, unity and common human values.