The Student Services Finance Committee at the University of Wisconsin passed the Student Leadership Program and Wisconsin Black Student Union budgets and discussed the budget for Adventure Learning Programs Thursday night.

The Student Leadership Program at UW promotes individual leadership skills necessary to succeed in school, work and relationships, according to their website.

SSFC voted in favor of SLP’s eligibility since the program meets the General Student Services Fund bylaws and SSFC’s criteria.

In addition, SSFC voted to alter several salaries within the SLP while maintaining the program’s budget of $54,837.50 for the 2022 fiscal year.

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SSFC also passed the Wisconsin Black Student Union budget after several changes. SSFC decreased the salary amounts for several of the organization’s top student positions, and SSFC vice chair Grace D’Souza motioned to decrease the WISCOlympics equipment rental line — a part of their budget that funds a specific WBSU program — from $400 to $0.

“I don’t think that we would be able to expense this line item considering that there is no direct educational benefit or funding,” D’Souza said.

Rep. Kieran Talley said the budget line does provide educational benefit by promoting physical and mental health, which Rep. Brandt Williams agreed with.

Rep. Roshan Verma pointed out SSFC’s previous engagements, which entailed similar budget lines to that requested by the WISCOlympics organization’s equipment line. Rep. Ellie Stark agreed.

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Rep. Jared Biddle, former president of WBSU, said the organization would need their equipment budget.

“It does cost money to rent out facilities on campus,” Biddle said.

The motion failed in a vote of seven against, zero for, and three abstaining. Biddle abstained from the vote on the organization.

Representatives from Adventure Learning Programs presented budget changes and the importance of conferences and training in their budget and eligibility hearing.

“[The programs] offer high ropes and low ropes courses to encourage students to discover themselves, push themselves and connect with others,” an ALPs representative said.

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ALPs proposed an increase of $1,200 for new computers and an increase of $300 for CPR training, as well as other increases and decreases to their budget for the fiscal year.

ALPs highlighted their goal of developing effective facilitating techniques and connecting their value of diversity and inclusion to their work on campus.

While DREAMers was set to present their revised budget at Thursday’s meeting, a miscommunication occurred and no members were able to present their budget presentation.

SSFC chair Tessa Reilly said the group would not be eligible for funds this fiscal year since their programming did not meet General Student Service Fund requirements, and they would have to reapply next year.

SSFC will vote on ALPs budget and eligibility at their meeting Tuesday.