The Student Services Finance Committee heard a diversity training presentation and appointed a representative for the Student Transportation Board at their meeting Monday.

Program Director for Social Education for the Office of Inclusion Education Caitlyn LoMonte gave a diversity training presentation to SSFC members. LoMonte said the office was created Aug. 1, 2020 and is still in its infancy.

LoMonte asked SSFC members to ponder and share how they believed marginalized groups are being affected by current situations at the University of Wisconsin, in the city of Madison and in the U.S. in general. Rep. Samuel Jorudd spoke about how international students at UW are being affected right now by the order from President Donald Trump to keep international students at home if they do not have any in-person classes.

“That has caused a problem on campus, where synchronous classes that take place at what is determined a normal time in our time zone means that students who live outside of our time zone have to go through extenuating efforts in order to make it to class,” Jorudd said.

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Rep. Jordan Pasbrig also shared how COVID-19 has been disproportionately affecting minority populations, and Rep. Kieran Talley mentioned the police brutality of recent months.

LoMonte said it is important for SSFC members as student leaders at the UW to make decisions with student identities always in mind to better represent the wants and needs of the student population. LoMonte told students to take accountability for their actions and statements to create a better, more inclusive environment.

SSFC Chair Tessa Reilly said all SSFC members should make action plans on how they could individually further social justice causes.

Additionally tonight, SSFC appointed Rep. Kieran Talley as the SSFC Representative to the Student Transportation Board. 

The next meeting of the SSFC will be on Thursday, Sept. 24, at 6 p.m. via Zoom.