According to the latest Marquette Law School poll results, 86% of Wisconsinites support measures taken in response to the COVID-19, and 44% think the outbreak will be under control and things can get back to normal by the end of May.

When asked whether the decision to close schools and businesses and to restrict the size of public gatherings has proved an appropriate response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of respondents said yes, while 10% said it is an overreaction that will do more harm than good, according to the poll results.

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Nine percent of respondents said the COVID-19 pandemic caused them to lose their job, and 22% experienced reduced working hours, according to the poll results.

The poll results provided a rough estimate of the economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on state workers, and came out at the same time as Gov. Tony Evers and Republican lawmakers worked on the second package for the COVID-19 relief and support.

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According to a press release issued by the Office of the Governor, the second package included additional funding and flexibility for public health professionals and healthcare professionals, a repeal of the one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance, expanding and improving access to telehealth services and etc. 

“What the federal government has passed is a great start, but I am concerned it does not go nearly far enough,” Evers said in the press release. “We need to take aggressive legislative steps here in Wisconsin for not only the health and safety of our families and workers, but for our state’s economy.”

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With regards to the upcoming election scheduled for April 7, 51% of respondents said Wisconsin should move it to a later date this year, where 44% said the state should stick to the original date, according to poll results.

In addition, the poll results showed different approval rates among Wisconsinites towards how the president and state governor responded to the outbreak. Fifty one percent of participants approved of the way president Trump has handled the pandemic, whereas 46% disapprove. Evers saw a higher approval rate, with 76% approving and 17% disapproving.