Scout, the dog featured in a Super Bowl ad for the University of Wisconsin school of Veterinary Medicine last month, passed away.

The seven-year-old Golden Retriever was treated at UW for a tumor on his heart and faced a 1% chance of survival. After a successful surgery that prolonged Scout’s life, his owner, WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil, bought a $6 million ad during the most watched event in America to thank UW staff for their efforts.

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The ad featured Scout running along a beach and receiving care from UW doctors.

According to an Instagram post made by his family, Scout fought a lengthy battle with hemangiosarcoma, but after tumors in his body began to bleed, his quality of life declined substantially.

“Scout will live on in all the people he met, including his amazing Doctors at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School who valiantly tried to save him,” the post read. “Scout’s legacy will live on by the lives he touched with his enormous spirit and by bringing international attention to canine cancer.”