Justice Daniel Kelly spoke to the University of Wisconsin’s College Republicans about the Wisconsin Supreme Court and his upcoming election bid on Thursday.

Kelly spoke primarily about his role as a Supreme Court justice. Kelly said he viewed the citizens of Wisconsin as his boss — he aims to serve the greater population. 

As a judge, Kelly said he keeps the U.S. Constitution in mind while ruling on issues, and he strives to remain faithful to the citizens of Wisconsin. Kelly said he tries to understand the dynamic between the people of Wisconsin and the people who serve in office when taking on cases.

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“Every time I put on my black robe, I am the least important person there, [as] I become a servant [to] the people,” Kelly said.

Kelly said he takes pride in serving the people of Wisconsin because his constituents show generosity and hospitality towards everyone. He experienced this hospitality while camping in Sheboygan Falls, where a family invited him for dinner at their campfire. 

He said he discovered this act wasn’t a rare occurrence. In fact, many people he encountered across the state welcomed him with open arms. Kelly said he continues to serve Wisconsin because the citizens of Wisconsin humble him. 

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“[The citizens of Wisconsin] are people with an open hand and generous hearts,” Kelly said. “All the wonderful folks here in Wisconsin [are] one of the reasons it is such an honor to serve.”

Kelly is up for reelection for Wisconsin Supreme Court. He will face Judge Jill Karofsky in the April 7 election.