ASM heard a presentation from members of Univeristy Health Services on data from the 2019 Healthy Minds Survey that was conducted on campus.

UHS staff members presented to ASM to share HMS data, collected from a survey on the mental health of students. Director of Prevention and Campus Health Initiatives Amanda Jovaag said the study found levels of anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation have all increased since they last conducted the survey in 2016. 

Additionally, Jovaag said the survey looked at disparities in mental health. The study found students who are LGBTQ, a part of a racial minority, financially stressed, gender diverse or fall under more than one of these identities reported higher levels of anxiety and depression and lower levels of belongingness on campus. 

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“[Belongingness] has two dimensions. One dimension is whether or not you feel you have a strong personal community and the other if you saw yourself on campus,” Jovaag said. 

ASM introduced Amnesty Through Responsible Action legislation. Chair Laura Downer said this legislation would encourage students to call for medical assistance for a friend in instances where alcohol or drugs have been used. 

The legislation would grant amnesty to both the person who called and the person in need. Downer said this policy would only apply on campus. 

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“It’s a campaign to extend the guideline of protections to not only the person who calls for a friend who needs medical attention due to an overdose of alcohol, but also to the person who needs that medical attention,” Downer said. 

The next ASM meeting is March 11 in the Student Activities Center.