The Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday night to hear a presentation from the Wisconsin Black Student Union about their proposed budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

SSFC passes three student organization budgetsThe Student Services Finance Committee approved General Student Services Fund budgets for the Black Student Union, Adventure Learning Programs and Read…

Jared Biddle, president of the WBSU and Nzinga Acosta, the treasurer for WBSU, went over the budgets they had previously gotten approved for various events, such as Melanin Fest and Ebony Ball.

Most of their monetary needs stayed consistent from last fiscal year, with a few variations to ensure all their bases are covered, Acosta and Biddle said. They said they asked for slightly more money because of a few circumstances where they couldn’t afford enough food or a speaker for attendees of their events last year.

SSFC will be voting on WSBU’s budget Monday.

SSFC also went over other updates they have from other meetings and committees that members of SSFC are a part of. Chair Jordan Pasbrig spoke about a meeting he had with Recreation and Wellbeing in which they mentioned after a brief delay they are hoping for the Nick to open in early summer.