The Student Services Finance Committee heard a budget increase request from The Adventure Learning Program and heard the second General Student Services Fund eligibility request from the Wisconsin Black Student Union, Monday night.

Representatives from ALPs requested a budget increase of $4,613.10. These include increases in salaries, high ropes maintenance and repair, retreats and supplies. The purpose of ALPs is to challenge people through adventure-based learning to discover themselves and understand those around them, Student Director Gabe Pante said. 

“The vast majority of our participants report higher…perseverance and ability to overcome setbacks,” Pante said.

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ALPs’ Student Director Michael Makowski said there will be three student directors, compared to the two student directors last year. This is one of the reasons for the budget increase. 

Makowski said ALPs decided funding five students to go to their leadership development conferences is an appropriate number as they hope attendees can report back the information they learned.

Rep. Anna Barry asked why ALPs is increasing staff while decreasing hours.

Makowski said even though the organization is growing, the number of workshops offered during the year varies based on the needs of ALPs participants. Staff may be working regular hours during one time of the year, but may not be working any hours during some weeks in the winter. 

“There really is no weekly scheduling because of the nature of our program,” Makowski said.

The number of workshops they plan on offering is based on an educated guess, Makowski said. This affects the number of hours ALPs staff work because much of their work relates to workshops.  

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WBSU presented why the organization is eligible for funds, after being denied funds earlier this year. The union was granted another eligibility hearing through an appeals process with the Associated Students of Madison’s Student Judiciary, Secretary Grace D’Souza said.

D’Souza said the organization did not qualify for funds after the first eligibility hearing because none of their core programs were available upon request. At least one core program must be available upon request in order for an organization to be eligible for funding. 

WBSU President Jared Biddle said the two core programs offered can now be requested any time during the year. The programs are Talk To Me Tuesdays and Women’s History Month. Biddle said events that relate to Women’s History Month can be requested any time during the year, and the title is rather to signify a theme.

 SSFC will vote on whether or not the union is eligible for funds and the ALPs budget next Monday.