The Student Services Finance Committee zero-funded the Student Veterans of America under the General Student Services Fund budget approval criteria, Monday night.

SSFC approved the budget for Sex Out Loud and heard budget hearings from the Wisconsin Association of Black Men and Badger Catholic. 

SSFC Vice Chair Tessa Reilly made a motion to zero-fund SVA during the organization’s budget decision debate. Reilly said that after careful consideration and review of the GSSF subsection on budget approval criteria to zero-fund an organization, she believes SVA did not meet all of the criteria necessary to qualify for GSSF funding

Reilly said the need for funds was not demonstrated for SVA to achieve its objectives. Reilly said the group’s total request for $20,955 did not meet the GSSF requirement.

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“I think that Student Veterans’ Association budget that they have proposed does not align with the value of a GSSF group,” Reilly said. “I think that it would much rather get funding from an operations grant or an event grant.” 

SSFC Reps. Anna Barry and Logan Knochenmus agreed with Reilly’s motion, adding that SSFC should provide information about other funding resources to SVA.

Knochenmus said the Grant Allocation Committee may be a more effective way for the SVA to achieve its desired goals. 

SSFC moved to vote on zero-funding SVA and the motion passed 11-0-2. 

SSFC then moved to vote on the budget for Sex Out Loud. After amending the budget to include a $1,000 reduction for speakers in their Sexual Health Week program, the $89,589.50 budget passed with a vote of 11-0-2. 

SSFC also heard budget hearings from the Wisconsin Association of Black Men and Badger Catholic.

WABM President Tavares Adams and Treasurer William Walker said the organization’s main goal is to create a welcoming environment for students of African-American descent. Their main programming includes Wednesday meetings, the WABM kickoff-recruitment event and Black Men’s Initiative.

Tavares said WABM’s overall funding is not increasing, certain funds are just shifting to different areas. Tavares also said the group is committed to being proactive to ensure better spending habits than in the 2019 fiscal year.

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President Emily Halfman and Executive Secretary Mark Vandenberg presented the Badger Catholic budget. They requested a 13.21% budget increase for the organization’s Ignite large group event and a new budget line for their Local Service initiative. The overall budget decreased by about 4%. 

Vandenburg also addressed the group’s returned funds last year, stating he was not happy with a 30% budget return. Vandenburg said Badger Catholic’s action plan will revolve around changes in hiring and accountability of employees to reduce salary overspending, which accounted for 67% of unused funds.

SSFC’s budget decisions for both groups will be voted Thursday.