The Student Services Finance Committee passed Badger Catholic’s budget and heard a budget proposal from the Campus Women’s Center on Thursday evening. They also held an eligibility hearing for Live Free Madison.

Representatives MaKayla Liebeck and Steven Rodrigeuz for Live Free Madison said their mission statement seeks to “promote well-being and community integration for student in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors.”

Liebeck and Rodriguez explained the different services that it provides including rainbow recovery meetings for students within the LGBTQ+ community, meditation meetings, all-inclusive recovery meetings and wellness workshops. 

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Nyla Mathis, CWC’s representative, also presented their budget. The center said they provide support and educate the University of Wisconsin campus area as well as the surrounding community, said a CWC representative.

Mathis said CWC underspent on things such as advertising and print, but overspent on its gender activism budget. She added that CWC proposed some budget changes from the previous year, including an decrease in their computer software, resource library, office supplies and printing.

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After the hearing, SSFC discussed Badger Catholic’s eligibility. With a 7-0-1 vote, the committee passed Badger Catholic’s budget for the fiscal year 2021-2022. 

The committee also discussed the Atheist, Humanists and Agnostics budget. The committee passed a motion to cut down long-distance transportation for national conferences from $2,400 to $1,200 with a vote of 6-1-1 and a motion to lower hotel expenses to national conferences from $500 to $250 with a 5-2-1 vote.

With all of the changes voted upon, the Atheist, Humanists and Agnostics’ budget for the fiscal year of 2021-2022 passed 7-0-1.