The Student Services Finance Committee heard an eligibility presentation from the Wisconsin Black Student Union, voted on F.H. King’s budget alteration and granted eligibility to The Black Voice Monday night.

WBSU gave a presentation for eligibility for General Student Services Fund money. The organization hosts events on campus to connect African American students and educate the community about black history. 

WBSU Vice President Shiheina Munye spoke about the values and history of the organization. 

“50 years ago in 1969 the Wisconsin Black Student Union … emerged from a group of … African American students that had 13 commands for university policy and code of conduct, one of which being enlarging and retaining an African American student population that we still strive to do today,” Munye said.

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The committee also heard from representatives from F.H. King, Students for Sustainable Agriculture, during the open forum about their budget alteration request. Last week the committee voted to deny the alteration.

The change would move $200 from F.H. King’s Food Land and Society Film Screening program to their Get the Dirt Dinner program. The committee voted to table the issue until further notice with a vote of 5-0-3, as more information was needed about the original budget.

F.H. King Administrative Director, Abby Kisicki spoke to the committee.

“The money that would be going towards [Get the Dirt Dinner] would be going towards feeding the student body that attends those events, and at F.H. King that’s our mission, food and the community aspects of that,” Kisicki said, “That’s a huge part of who we are, and to not be able to do that would hurt our ability to help students.”

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SSFC voted to approve the Black Voice for eligibility to receive GSSF money with a vote of 8-0-1. 

The committee then approved their summary of why Badger SPILL was denied eligibility with a vote of 8-0-1, as the organization’s programming did not meet all the eligibility requirements.