Shan K. Daley, age 19, of Madison was arrested early Friday morning on three counts of burglary and four counts of attempted burglary on the 100 block of Mills Street.

Daley allegedly cut through window screens to gain entry to downtown apartments. According to the report, he was not deterred when his entry-point was blocked by one victim’s bed and continued to attempt entry via another window.

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Daley only fled when the 19-year-old woman awoke and yelled out. Public Information Officer Joel DeSpain said the crime was very unusual.

“I would not say this is one of our typical burglaries,” DeSpain said. “Usually, we have someone who’s going in and going after laptops, jewelry, cash and that sort of thing. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.”

DeSpain said he was unsure what prompted Daley’s actions. According to DeSpain, Daley initially denied his actions despite being identified by several individuals.

“We’re going to want to talk with this individual and see if he can provide us better insight as to what his mindset was and why he was doing this,” DeSpain said.

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DeSpain also said that Daley claimed to be a University of Wisconsin student, which has yet to be confirmed. MPD’s Burglary Crimes Unit will continue to look into the case.

Daley allegedly stole, among other miscellaneous items, a potted plant, which has since been returned to its owner.