The Joint Campus Area Committee met Wednesday afternoon at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation building to discuss future Sellery renovation projects.

SmithGroup associate and landscape architect Nathan Novak updated the committee about the upcoming renovation for Sellery residence hall.

Novak said the renovation plan for Sellery looks similar to that for Witte residence hall.

According to University Housing, workers completed the renovation before the start of the 2019-20 academic year, and residents can now utilize new facilities in the building including new elevators, new bathrooms and new study lounges.

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Novak said the renovation plan for Sellery will add two floors to the existing 10 floors.

Novak said the project will also include window replacements, a new elevator core and a new entry off of West Johnson Street.

According to Novak, under the renovation plan, the main entrance area off of West Johnson will create a more definitive opening, indicating clearly to the public where the main gate is.

“It also helps us enclose this inner core area to provide some separation from the general public using the bus shelter areas and the residence space,” Novak said.

The plan also allows for more seating for people to use while waiting for buses.

On the south side of the hall, Novak said the plan allows for more bike parking spots and the maintenance or re-establishment of the two basketball courts. Novak said the current renovation project proposed 500 bike parking stalls, but more may be added in the future if demand for these spots increases.

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The renovation project also considered the environmental impact on the campus area.

“There are trees here — we are trying to maintain as many of those as possible,” Novak said.

The next meeting is scheduled for 4:45 p.m. in the same building on Oct. 30.