University of Wisconsin student Thomas Summerwill, 21, has received a second-degree murder charge for his mother’s death.

Summerwill is the Chief Justice on the Associated Students of Madison’s Student Judiciary. He just completed his junior year at UW.

According to the Daily Herald, Summerwill surrendered himself Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, his bond was set for $300,000, according to WKOW.

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In the Daily Herald, Summerwill’s attorney Liam Dixon said Summerwill has his family’s support and that they are “disappointed” with the charges.

“We understand the state’s position. There’s no threat to the community. This has been a horrific, horrific occurrence,” Dixon said to the Daily Herald. “It does sound like it was a horrible accident.”

Authorities were called to the Summerwill residence around 7 a.m. on March 24 to report the injuries of Mary Summerwill, according to the Daily Herald. She later died of cranial injuries that are consistent with being struck with a baseball bat.