Mayoral candidate Satya Rhodes-Conway has surpassed incumbent Mayor Paul Soglin in campaign fundraising a new report said.

Rhodes-Conway raised $125,754 to Soglin’s $77,265 over the latest reporting period. Rhodes-Conway’s campaign collected more than 1,000 donations made by more than 800 individuals, leading to a year-to-date total of $210,085 raised for her campaign.

Soglin began the race with $72,548 and has raised a year-to-date total of $189,294.

Rhodes-Conway spent $110,850 and had a cash balance of $25,054. Soglin’s campaign spent $75,060 and came up with a cash balance of $74,253.

The report found the mayoral candidates attracted more funds than did candidates four years ago.

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Soglin’s campaign manager Melissa Mulliken told The Capital Times she questioned the source of Rhodes-Conway’s funds and Soglin’s campaign isn’t worried as they “have three times as much cash-on-hand as Satya.”

Mulliken said 46 percent of Rhodes-Conway’s money came from outside of Dane County up until Monday’s report and that 79 percent of the money Soglin’s campaign has raised came out of Dane County.

Rhodes-Conway’s campaign manager Kyle Buda said to The Capital Times 75 percent of their funds have come from Madisonians with the average donation being $119.

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Rhodes-Conway expressed gratitude for her supporters in a statement, saying her campaign has been a grassroots one from the start.

This was the last campaign finance report before the general election April 2.