Student Services Finance Committee met Monday to expand upon previously debated resolutions regarding the standardization of all General Student Services Fund wages to $10.50, including leadership positions.

Thursday, after a lengthy debate from the committee and testimonies from Adventure Learning Programs leaders, the committee decided to vote on Resolution 5 at their next meeting. Monday, they voted 11-0-0 to table the resolution indefinitely.

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SSFC Chair Jeremy Swanson introduced Resolution 6, describing it as “the only part of Resolution 5 that people didn’t hate.” This resolution gets rid of the GSSF Webmaster position, of which there are currently no people employed.

Removing this position would streamline the budget process, since no GSSF organization has it currently on the payroll, Swanson said.

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Resolution 6 passed 11-0-0 with almost no debate.

The committee briefly discussed the University Health Services budget, which, according to Swanson, they are meeting with UHS to decide. A mental health task force organized by Associated Students of Madison begins meeting next week to look into pathways UW can pursue to improve their approach to mental health care.