The Student Services Finance Committee approved the budgets of Wisconsin Association of Black Men and Sex Out Loud Monday evening.

WABM’s budget of $31,154 was approved in a vote of 9-0-2, a decrease of $3,508 from their proposed budget.

The difference from their approved budget to their final budget was mainly in the elimination of the salary for their Webmaster, a decrease of $2,145.

Sex Out Loud’s budget of $90,963 was approved in a vote of 7-0-4, a decrease of $5,429.50 from their proposed budget.

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Their biggest decrease comes from SSFC’s decision to reduce academic year lines from 33 to 30, for a total decrease in budget of $5,263.50.

In addition to the budget decisions, SSFC conducted the budget hearings for the Muslim Student Association and the Student Judiciary. They requested budgets of $45,240 and $37,340, respectively.

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According to the Financial Coordinator of MSA, Baraa Manasrah, the biggest changes in the fiscal year 2020 proposed budget were the addition of two new programs.

Manasrah said the Workshop Program involved having influential speakers giving lectures based on their experiences.
“The Cultural Nights are meant to showcase specific cultures, the aspects of different cultures,” Manasrah said.