According to a Madison Police Department incident report, a subject with an outstanding warrant from Rock County was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, after the subject attempted to escape handcuffs by bolting from MPD officers.

While driving down the 500 block of State Street, an MPD officer noticed Matthew Knutowski, 18, a subject the officer had had past interactions with and who had an outstanding warrant under Rock County.

The officer exited his squad car and arrested Knutowski under the outstanding warrant while another officer stood by. Although Knutowski was cooperative at first, MPD reported that he then pulled his hands and arms away from the handcuffs and attempted to run away. The officers were able to prevent Knutowski from escaping by grabbing him by his leather jacket.

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Once Knutowski was in handcuffs, he proceeded to bang his head against the hood of the squad car, but fortunately did not injure himself or anyone else.

Knutowski was admitted to the Dane County Jail under the Rock County Warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting a police officer.