Gov. Scott Walker issued Executive Order 312 Monday, which gave the Wisconsin National Guard Cyber Security Team the right to assist the Wisconsin Election Committee if help is necessary during election week.

According to WEC spokesperson Reid Magney, Wisconsin National Guard cybersecurity experts will be on duty this week all across the state, but not at polling places.

According to Magney, the National Guard would assist election officials in the cyber domain.

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Magney emphasized that there is no known threat at this time to the safety of Wisconsin’s elections.

“Wisconsin’s precautionary measures are similar to those occurring in many other states throughout the country,” Magney said.

The Wisconsin National Guard will not deploy unless state or local officials request their help, Magney said. A request for assistance would come from Wisconsin Major General Don Dunbar acting on authorization from the governor.

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Magney said the Wisconsin Elections Commission has been working alongside Gen. Dunbar and his staff to prepare for the election.

“Gen. Dunbar is the head of Homeland Security in Wisconsin and we have been working with [the department] to ensure our systems are secure,” Magney said.

The Wisconsin Guard has not been activated in past elections, Magney said. However, they have been activated in the event of past emergencies, like snowstorms.