A rear-end collision on E. Johnson St. ended with a car landing on top of a parked Jeep Saturday night.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report, Jacob Lackey, 30, rear-ended a husband and wife in their car. 

Lackey told the victims they should pull into a nearby parking lot and exchange information. He told the couple to not call the police but the husband insisted. At this point, Lackey tried to exit the lot.

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The husband attempted to reach into the driver’s side window to turn the car off while his wife jumped onto the hood of the car. Lackey slowly moved the car forward and backward, causing the wife to fall to the ground.

The wife called out for help and passerby arrived and encircled the car. Lackey still managed to back his car through a fence and over a rock wall onto a Jeep parked below.

The husband told officers that his foot was run over while trying to stop the driver. The husband said that it was OK, but the couple went to the hospital, both complaining of back pain.

Lackey was arrested for reckless driving, endangering safety, disorderly conduct, operating while intoxicated and operating after suspension.