Madison Police Department arrested man who reportedly used racial slurs and threatened to kill a black Madison Police officer early Thursday morning.

According to the MPD incident report, officers arrested Ronald Duell, 61, inside a downtown bar after disclosing to two women in the bar that his son had just died, that he had a gun in his pocket and was going to kill himself.

“Can I tell you something? I lost my son today,” the man said before telling the women he had a weapon on him, according to the incident report.

The women tried talking him out of hurting himself, but he insisted it was “the only answer” and “what he had to do.”

The women called 911 and, according to the incident report, officers determined the man was not actually carrying a gun, nor did he have a son who had just died.

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While being booked into jail, the man threatened to kill a black officer and referred to him with racial slurs while motioning toward him, the incident report said.

The suspect was arrested for threatening a police officer with a hate crime enhancer, disorderly conduct and bail jumping.